A Brief Note On Western Culture And Individualism

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Historical Framework:

Individualism means that they are solely depending on that individual person (Ayn, 1). There is no “we” in the way that an individualist person would think (Culturematters.com).

Western culture and individualism is derived from knowledge and emphasis on the individual person. Western culture is open to anyone in any race, cultural background, age, and gender. Therefore, history has changed itself throughout the years when it comes to the way we think. If you refer back to the early ages, the way of thinking has changed in several different ways. I look at the example of Hitler, and the war. He believed that he should have been a ruler of the entire world, along with several other dictators. I believe that is an example of individualism, and how he shaped history in the way that he personally thought about himself. This may be a radical one, but it still exemplified what individualism and high thoughts of yourself can do to you and other people.

Individualism is recognized as personally think that the world revolves around them. You are your own religion because you solely depend on yourself when it comes to life in general. In the book, Hidden Worldviews, it was stated, “I am my own universe” (Wilkens, 27). History changes people and our thought process but where did it really begin? The religion that you can only depend on oneself instead of the Almighty God that created us? I think this goes back to the fall. Adam and Eve may have been the…
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