A Brief Note On Women And Informal Sector

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In many studies it is found that among all categories in the informal sector, domestic worker’ income is the very lowest and they face many problems (Sundaram,1966). They are mostly involved in household tasks, which include washing utensils, floor cleaning ,washing of cloths, cooking as well as some outdoor tasks such as purchase of vegetables etc. Most of them live in slums, lead a monotonous life without any colour, struggle in the every day for their survival for the family and face a number of problems in their day to day life like long hours of work,insecurity regarding jobs , low status within the house as well as in the outside world (Gathia,1983). (Bipul Hazarika, Saswata Ghosh 2002)
Women in particular are the much affected in the informal labour market, women generally find employment in peripheral jobs of the large units as temporary , contract or part-time workers. there are many women working as a domestic servants, hawkers,construction workers and petty traders and women in search of livelihood who are self-employed selling petty commodities such as fruit,vegetables, beedis or even their own labour and bodies as domestic workers or as prostitutes. Most of them are either illiterate or having lower education. They have to work in low paid and low skilled jobs the irony is that through women bear double burden patriarchal perception consider them as secondary labour forced and supplementary earners. The number of women in the
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