A Brief Note On Women And Women 's Rights Violated

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Women In Croatia-Reproductive Rights Violated The country, Croatia, is where the focused group is located. Croatia is located in southeastern central Europe, and has a population of over four million. Croatia wasn’t considered an independent country until 1991. It was under control by different powers throughout history including “the Hungarians, the Turks, and the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg dynasty” (“Croats”). Croatia was a part of groupings when having an upper ruling, and this was part of Croatia’s history before becoming an independent country because of the Croats; people that settled in the region that eventually became Croatia. They were part of the nation Yugoslavia which were a monarchy and then a communist country. Another group…show more content…
Almost all to some extent have the Roman Catholic church involved in their lives. The political way of life in Croatia is a democratic republic, and it also has a parliamentary government that was based off of the constitution they had written and established in 1990. They elect a president who can run for five years and serve two terms, and he elects a prime minister. There are 152 members of parliament, which is composed of “a House of Representatives and a House of Countries.” (“Croatia”). The political parties range up to thirteen, but there is a more dominant party called the Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica shortened to HDZ, which translates to Croatian Democratic Union. It has been supported the most since 1991. The art of Croatia ranges from music, theatre, ballet, film production, and fine arts. The fine arts had many different types of art rise up throughout the centuries, but the more current and modern art was with creative freedom with artitecture. Another form of the arts is the music and folk art, which is well-known and part of the Croatian national identity” (“Croatia”). Literature was also evolved as time went on and currently focuses more toward prose and essays written, and many authors becoming well-known for their work. Customs in Croatia include how they greet each other in their
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