A Brief Note On Women 's Suffrage Movement

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Woman’s Suffrage Movement
During the early 19th century many women were involved in social advocacy efforts, which eventually led them to advocate for their own right to vote and take part in government agencies. Women fought for their voices to be heard in politics. The 19th amendment was one of the most essential turning points in history; before their voices were not as valuable as their husbands or fathers, until 1920 when the 19th amendment was ratified and gave us a new beginning in our political views.
The traditional view of a women in society was to stay at home, clean, raise children. As for single women, they did not have an economic and cultural reality and it was extremely hard for them to establish themselves as independent. On the other hand, a married women could not own property, write a bill, sign a legal contract, dissolve her marriage, or gain custory of her children. Women began to take different measures to achieve their desired goals, such as forming protests, letters to congress, hunger strikes, and many more forms of political activism. During the antislavery movement, the 15th amendment, pushed women further down the trail leading to suffrage. Women were denied equality almost completely. They had little say in politics, education, work, and in their homes, and therefore they began a strong movement that would continue to present day in order to gain equality. Women waited 144 years and three amendments later before earning suffrage. If…

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