A Brief Note On X Ray Vision Goggles

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MRI’s today are the solution to X-Rays by having radio waves go back and forth transmitting signals that allow Doctors to see inside the human body. There are not many downsides of MRI’s, however MRI’s do not fit in the average waiting room by being circular tube like machines that take about 1 hour to produce a clear image of a patient’s problem. MRI’s are great when it comes to mental disabilities but when it comes to broken bones, it is too time consuming to wait in the machine for an hour to find out about a torn ligament or broken bone in a patient’s body. A new vision will take away the harmless effects of an MRI but also have it for every day needs in a doctor’s office. X-Ray Vision goggles would allow a doctor to see a patient’s broken bone or ligaments without effects of X-rays. Present Technology
Wilhelm Rontgen, a German physicist, had multiple experiments in 1895 he and found a type of radiation which he labelled as the letter X, because he did not know what it was. His X-rays were soon discovered by Doctors which primarily used them to look inside the human body. One original component that has not changed since has been how they are developed and made.
X-Ray’s are used to generate pictures that show the inside of the human body such as finding broken bones. In Otto Zhou of the University of North Carolina, Dr Zhou and his colleagues are bringing X-radiography into the world of modern electronics. In doing so, there is a hope to create X-ray

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