A Brief Note On Yellow Fever Virus ( Yvf )

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Part1: Person, Place, Time Inside the U.S. Yellow Fever Yellow Fever virus (YVF) is an infectious disease that is transmitted by mosquitos that are infected with the virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2014), the term Yellow fever, derived from the jaundice that some patients with the virus experience. There is no cure for the virus and patients are treated on a case-by-case basis, depending on how severe the symptoms are and what stage the virus in in. YVF is rampant in tropical areas but is endemic in Africa and Latin America. YVF uses humans and non-human primates as a reservoir and there are three patterns of the virus that consist of the jungle (sylvatic), savannah(intermediate), and urban. A study done by Izurieta et al. on risk factors of YFV among military in the Amazonian rainforest included information on the jungle pattern of YFV. Izurieta et al. explains that the jungle pattern of YFV is transmitted by mosquitos that live on the crowns of trees. Izurieta et al. suggest that YFV is contracted by people who work with woodcutting. Additionally, there are high death rates of primates among howler monkeys in the State of Amazonas Brazil jungle that are correlated with YVF (Izurieta et al., 2009). While there is no cure for the YFV, there is a vaccine to prevent Yellow Fever. According to Bühlera, Jaegerb, Kling & Hatza (2014), the YFV vaccine is one of the vaccine that has a high rate of administration in travel medicine. Also, of those who have

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