A Brief Questions On Anxiety Disorders

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Answer all of the following questions. (125-word minimum each - except for the first, see instructions there). Use the textbook and any additional resources you feel are necessary. For each answer include an APA citation for any source used.

In this unit, we’ve discussed several different disorders that fall into listed categories. Choose one disorder from each category and craft a scenario describing a patient with that disorder. (Like the short ones we did in class- between 100-150 words). Keep them to yourself - an extra-credit game will follow!)
Anxiety Disorders, Somatoform Disorders, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Dissociative Disorders

Major Depression - Nathan has requested to talk to his school counselor about some problems that he had been having. It had been several years since his mother passed away from cancer, but sadness still persists. It is hard for him to be in places that she was prominent in, such as her workplace or at home. He often experiences fits of severe nervousness and fear when someone brings up any attributes to her. He struggles to connect with people, and rarely hangs out with people outside of school. He also struggles with the idea that there is meaning in life, and what he is doing matters. He has had episodes of mania, where life is good. But this often falls back down to a depressive state. Nathan has attempted suicide within the last three months, but regretted the decision. Yet, still resorts to thoughts of…
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