A Brief Report On Fossil Fuels

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Executive Summary Fossil fuels are used as a main source of energy all over the world, including Canada. The burning of fossil fuels is the world’s leading source of emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. In residential construction, Canada has become aware of the effects of fossil fuels and is adopting a new way of building with an environmentally friendly green approach using Geothermal Energy Pump Systems. In residential homes, Geothermal Energy Pumps are systems that can achieve exact functions of standard convection systems without the harmful effects of fossil fuels. These systems will significantly lower the amount of energy required to heat a home, leading to…show more content…
Our cities are growing and so is our rate of power consumption. Luckily for us there is an alternative to traditional HVAC systems. Geothermal technology uses a piping system (commonly called a “loop”) filled with water installed underground that absorbs the heat from solar energy stored just below the earth’s surface [2]. Geothermal HVAC systems differentiate themselves from common systems as they do not burn fossil fuel to generate heat [3]. They do, however, use minimal electricity to power the pump to circulate water through the piping system, but compared to current HVAC methods three to five units of energy are supplied as heat for every one unit used to power the system. During the summer the system essentially functions in the opposite manner by absorbing the heat in your home and transferring it back into the earth [4]. In this report the reader can learn about the current practices and the alternatives for residential HVAC systems, the technology limitations of this method and its trends, and a conclusion. Current Practices and Alternatives Current Practices – Convectional Heating and Cooling System Gas Furnaces and Air Conditioning System The traditional and widely common way to heat and cool a home is with the use of a gas furnace and an air conditioning unit. The heating and cooling systems work together to provide a
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