A Brief Report On Honda Motor Company

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Preface Information about Honda: Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese corporation known for their manufacturing of all types of vehicles. Honda was founded in Japan in October of 1946 and was incorporated on September 24, 1948 by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. Back in 2001 Honda became the second largest automobile manufacturer in Japan. Along with car manufacturing, Honda also manufactures generators, watercraft, and other types of engine based products. With the establishment of Honda in the United States, competition arose as Mitsubishi Motors, who was the leader in automobiles at the time, was under serious risk of takeover. With this need to change the company outlook, the new owner, Kawamoto, added a more recreational vehicle like the Odyssey and CR-V to accommodate for the growing popularity of small industrial cars. After this new line of automobiles, Honda also created the Honda Aircraft Company in 1965, which came about shortly after the Mitsubishi incident in 1992. With the uprising of Honda Motor Company overseas, the American Honda Motor Company because very popular in Los Angeles, when it was established in 1959. American Honda Motor Company started with a capital investment of $250,000 and three employees. The company was created by a subsidiary which was unusual for the time. After the establishment of American Honda Motor Company in Los Angeles, they quickly expanded east capitalizing on high profits in 1963 when they started advertising…

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