A Brief Report On Strategic Procurement

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Introduction Organisations around the world are increasingly operating in very dynamic business environments. Among the areas that are being monitored is the way raw materials for production are procured and how the finished products reach the market and eventually the consumer. This paper will provide a review of published documents on strategic procurement in organizations by providing a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of their findings. The paper will present the impacts of the findings of the reviewed articles on the activities of an organisation that operates in a business to customer industry. And also a supermarket will be used in this case. Critical Analysis of Article Findings Procurement is a collaborative work between the supplier and the client of the products or services being supplied. This report will take some critical anlysis of article findings such as Razavi et al. (2016) argued that supply chain relationship is built on trust, communication, interdependence, and cooperation between the involved parties. The authors have used a model of Structural Equation Modelling to explain the relationship between the supplier and the customer. Amemba et al. (2013) sought to explore how public institutions and especially the government can be affected by the challenges inherent in their procurement practices. Among the challenges identified by the researchers include ICT adoption, complex procurement process, and ethics and supply relationship
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