A Brief Short Story: Vaius

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The soft and pale blue light drifting from the ceiling shimmered throughout the small and dusty room below. Barely a space, the old and dilapidated classroom now harbored one-legged chairs and tattooed desks, but it was plenty for the scuffle taking place within its walls as the once choked air was given life anew with ragged breathing and sailing fist swings. “Vaius! It’s not worth it!” Cloutis pleaded while watching his beaten friend struggle to stand. His soft hands clenched tightly at his sides, shaking in uselessness. Here he was again, witnessing his friend take an undeserved beating, and yet the tears on his cheek and his voiced opposition were all he had to offer. Vaius ignored him as the room spun and screeched, threatening to knock him off balance. His face throbbed and ached and he just wanted to catch his breath. It didn’t matter long, however, as a powerful force impacted his left cheek, snapping his head to the side before he slumped to his knees. His consciousness threadbare, Vaius’ swollen eyes strained to stay open as he attempted to focus, but his vision blackened as a final strike cast him into oblivion.…show more content…
“You’ll kill him.” “Would serve him right, though, wouldn’t it?” Bael retorted, his snarl almost wicked. “’Sides, you coulda stopped this a time ago, but ya waited, didn’t ya?” Cloutis winced, the truth of the question painfully clear. “Just leave, Bael. Please.” Bael looked at his left knuckle and licked the blood off, not a drop of it his. The taste lit his eyes ablaze, but he turned with a laugh and stalked away, hands in his pockets. The charred wooden door of the room swiped open on it’s own and Bael began to walk through the cracked threshold, but not before turning his head to the side and growling, “You’re right, Clout, it ain’t worth it.” The door slammed
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