A Brief Story of Yitzhak Rabin

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1. Introduction On the evening of November 4, 1995, it was the time to celebrate the joyfully weekend. But for the peace-loving people, particularly for the peace-loving people in Israel and Arab, it was actually a black weekend. It was precisely that evening, one of the creators of Palestinian-Israeli peace, who was known as peaceful warrior, Yitzhak Rabin, Premier of Israeli, was murdered by an assassin. The world had shocked, his imposing and heartrending life, became the focal point of the people immediately. All the peace-lovers were sorrowful for his death. They burst into tears for him, prayed for him, wished his soul to be serene in heaven. A peace dove had been gunned down; a peace warrior was falling down with several barbaric,…show more content…
In July 1976, Israeli hostages on a plane hijacked. But they were rescued from Uganda by the I.D.F. This was a great success in the war with terrorists. It demonstrated that Israel refused to capitulate to terrorism. In April 1977, Yitzhak Rabin resigned as prime minister in the wake of the revelation that his wife, Leah, retained a bank account in the U.S. from the time her husband had served as ambassador there. (At the time, operating a foreign currency account was illegal under Israeli currency law.) (Yang Mansu, 2007) 2.8 As Minister of Defense In 1984, the national government of Israel agreed to elect Rabin as minister of defense, until the failure of the second unity government in 1990. One of his tasks was disengaging the I.D.F. from a war of attrition in Lebanon. The two sides of the war established a narrow zone of security in southern Lebanon. He also canceled the Lavi aircraft project which developed by Israel Aircraft Industries. Also, he cut off part of the defense budget as part of efforts to help the economy and halt inflation. In December 1987, the outburst of the Intifada (the Palestinian uprising in the occupied territories) caught Israel by surprise. Rapidly, Israel escalated to alarming proportions. Rabin initially adopted an iron-fist policy to suppress the uprising and instructed the I.D.F. to respond to

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