A Brief Study of Logographic Writing, Polis, Plato, and Alexander

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Logographic Logographic is a form of writing which was once popularly used but is today best exemplified by the type of writing utilized in China. Unlike other writing forms, the logographic form of writing uses a series of visual symbols to represent words as opposed to the more commonly used system where individual letters are used to represent sounds (Fischer, 2004). The logographic system of writing is a representative example of the earliest forms of writing and it first appeared in the areas of the world where evidence of civilization first was found. These areas such as Near East, Northern Africa, and China have been where archeologists and historians have found the most evidence of this form of written communication. The logographic form was, at one point in history, the preferred from of written communication but as civilization progressed the phonetic form became more commonly used to the point that the Chinese language is essentially the only language that sill uses the logographic form. Interestingly, however, as globalization has expanded the logographic form has enjoyed resurgence in that many common words are now represented internationally through the use of this form. This resurgence can be seen in the use of travel control devices, communication on the internet, and in the banking industry. Polis The concept of a polis is derived from the ancient Greeks. It was the ancient Greeks that developed the concept of an organized governmental unit that is

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