A Brief Study on Alcoholism

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Research paper on Alcoholism Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Research paper on Alcoholism Definition The term alcoholism is broad referring to all problems related to alcohol. In general terms, it implies uncontrolled and compulsive intake of alcoholic drinks that detriment the health, social standing, and personal relationships of the drinker. Medics have considered alcoholism as a disease categorizing it as an addictive illness; in psychiatry, it is referred to as alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse. The World Health Organization has defined alcoholism as a syndrome of dependence on alcohol (Vaillant, 2009). Causes of alcoholism The risk of developing the problem of alcoholism is influenced by a variety of genetic factors. Alcoholism is influenced by genes that cause alcohol metabolism, which might be indicated by an inherent tendency of alcoholism in the family. Consumption of alcoholic beverages at an early age is likely to influence genetic expression, which leads to increased dependency on alcohol. People who have a disposition of genes to alcohol have high chances of consuming alcohol at an early age. Individuals who begin to drink alcohol at an early age are linked with high risks of developing alcoholism. Research indicates that 40% of people with alcoholism problems are expected to be heavy drinkers by the time they reach late adolescent stages. Further studies have revealed that a high level of concentrated testosterone in the course of a pregnancy
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