A Brief Study on Toyota's Operation and Total Quality Management

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Operation and Total Quality Management Question 1 The company I chose is Toyota Motor Corporation (Lexus). (i) Goods and service design (product) This operation management decision is about deciding what type of goods or service to provide to customers and also how to design these products and services to appeal to the targeted customers. Toyota Lexus has to come to a conclusion on the type of cars they should manufacture. For example, should the car be high end or affordable? They need to decide a focus point which is whether the brand Lexus should appeal to the normal working class or swinging bachelors or rich entrepreneurs. This important factor needs to be carefully pondered over as it will affect the rest of the production and…show more content…
This means that the modules or parts will reach them faster and it also means faster assembly. Hence, the speed and efficiency of the manufacturing facilities of the Lexus IS also means that customer do not have to wait for a long time for the delivery of their vehicle. Toyota has dealers in many countries, having dealers in every continent and region of this international company help them to response quickly to meet their customers’ needs. The availability of dealers is an advantage to Toyota as this means convenience to customers. The convenience and availability of the Lexus IS will encourage more people to buy the car instead of buying from other car manufacturers. In addition, if there are any problems with the product, customers can refer to the nearest Toyota service centers for help with no delay due to geographical limitations or any language barrier. Layout design Toyota uses a work cell layout for production efficiency. Work cell layout arranges machinery and equipment to focus on production of a single product or a group of related products. Toyota is a multi-national corporation; hence there is always a steady demand of their products. As an automobile manufacturer, quality is objective and hence using machines and equipment in a work cell layout to make products ensure standardization and uniform quality. Toyota
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