A Brief Summary Of Ishmael Beah´s A Long Way Gone?

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On March 23, 1991, the civil war in Sierra Leone began when the RUF attempted to overthrow the Sierra Leone government. The war lasted a total of 11 years ending in 2002 with a estimated total of 50,000 people dead. In the beginning the RUF did not have enough soldiers to fight, so on the idea that the Sierra Leone government would not fire on children, they began recruiting kids as young as seven. After a while the government too had a lack of soldiers and began recruiting children. In 2002 after the RUF been defeated President Kabbah declared the Sierra Leone Civil War over. Published in the early months of 2007 A Long Way Gone tells the story of Ishmael Beah a young boy took in by the army of Sierra Leone and forced to fight along
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