A Brief Summary Of Our Company And What We Stand For

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A brief summary of our company and what we stand for Ace age focuses on building an unforgettable experience for all ages to experience the positive side of gaming. We want to challenge the norm and build a fun, safe, and unique facility for our customers to enjoy. We offer a selection of gaming experiences. Not only do we provide a platform for arcade based games, but we are revolutionizing the gaming experience by incorporating new technology such as the Oculus Rift, 4D gaming platforms, and motion sensor technology. We would also like to give back to our community by contributing a percentage of our sales to provide activities and gaming facilities for less fortunate youths. Our intention is to encourage play and creativity. We are currently establishing a facility in Vancouver, B.C, set to open in January 2016. The following portfolio will provide a guideline for our objective in building a strong team and implement proper policies and procedures for our company.
Job Analysis, specifications, and descriptions We would like to establish a strong, coherent team to grow and learn with the company. In our portfolio, we will be concentrating on 5 main jobs that will be required to run the facility once it becomes established. These jobs will be described in detail; providing a guideline to job analysis, specifications, requirements and descriptions. There will also be a minimum number of positions provided. However, the number of positions may change depending on the needs…
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