A Brief Summary On Iwo Jima

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After several weeks of bombing and air raids, the U.S. was ready to send troops to the island. Navy gunboats fired into the island rapidly to finish "softening" it up. Thousands of men were sent at once in over 500 landing craft in 10 waves. They had no idea about what they were to face. They approached the 3,000 yards beach nearly untouched, but suddenly a shower of shells, mortars, and bullets flew by them while taking hundreds of lives. Chaos struck and the Marines were anxious to get to shore and dig their foxholes. They arrived at the beaches in 7 different landing zones. On the first day, 30,000 men arrived at the beach with over 40,000 more men to follow. Their goal for day 1, to take Airfield #1. Confusion lurked among the men as they…show more content…
“Easy Company started with 310 men. We suffered 75% casualties. Only 50 men boarded the ship after the battle. Seven officers went into the battle with me. Only one–me–walked off Iwo.” . . . Captain Dave Severance, Easy Company Commander (the Flag Raising Company) The Japanese could see the marines perfectly. The battle became very hard. The Japanese would pop out, fire, and go back into their tunnels. The Marines needed a new strategy. They brought in tanks armed with flame throwers that could shoot over 150 yards for almost 90 seconds. The Japanese decided they would hide and come back later. Things on the island calmed down, and after an hour or two the Japanese would begin firing into groups with lots of surprise. They camped out near airfield 1, waiting forthe time to move onto airfield 2. On the other end of the island, soldiers fought to capture Mt. Suribachi. This was the small volcano that towered over the island. It was the highest point on the island, but also on of the most heavily armed part. Whoever held that mountain had control of the island. This is where the most famous and most reproduced image of all time was
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