A Brieg Biography of William McKinley

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William McKinley was our 25th great president. He did many wonderful things such as leading America to victory in war with Spain. Some of his other concerns while in office include: domestic affairs, tariff legislation, race relations, trust regulation, and foreign affairs. He had a good life and served as an amazing president during his time in the Whitehouse until his assassination.
McKinley was born on January 29, 1843 in Niles, Ohio. He was the seventh child to his father, William McKinley and his mother, Nancy Campbell Allison McKinley. As a boy, McKinley attended a one room schoolhouse in his hometown until the age of nine. At that time McKinley and his family moved to Poland, Ohio (which was nearby) so that the children could attend a private school. At age 16 he attended Allegheny Collage in Meadville, Pennsylvania where he studied for one term before he had to leave due to sickness and some financial issues he was facing. After recovering he enlisted as a private in the Civil War. McKinley joined the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry at age 18 and was promoted to commissary sergeant at 19. He later became a Second Lieutenant because of his acts of bravery on the battlefield. This would only be the start to his success.
McKinley won a seat in Congress in the House of Representatives in 1876 when he was 34 years old. He began wearing a red carnation after he noticed his opponent, Levi Lamborn, was wearing one during a debate. This became a trademark of McKinley’s while
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