A Brilliant Mind : Ivan Pavlov

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A Brilliant Mind: Ivan Pavlov Shawn Potter College Of Central Florida Ivan Pavlov was born in a difficult time in history, Pavlov was born on September 14, 1849 in Ryzan, in the rise of communism in Russia. Although today that Pavlov was known more as a Physiologist than a Psychologist, due to Pavlov’s father being a priest, Pavlov’s early studies was in the church to eventually become a priest like his father, although the plan to become a priest diminished after Pavlov read a book that Charles Darwin wrote about the origins of species and another book by George Lewes called “The physiology of Common Life” after finding so much interest in these books, Pavlov decided to pursue a profession in Physiology. (Todes, 2000). After finishing studies at the church Pavlov began studies in Physiology at the age of twenty-one, thereafter at the age of thirty Pavlov completed his education at the Academy of Medical Surgery; then in 1883 Pavlov earned his doctorate degree and was also a phenomenal surgeon, which eventually helped him immensely with this research and surgical procedures. With all these achievements and academic prowess, Pavlov organized the Department of Physiology and the Institute of Experimental Medicine, and he hired many researchers for his institute, Pavlov was known to have new researchers work on already existing problems that has been tested by himself and other established researchers so Pavlov would never have to check it over, unless a
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