A Broad Look at Afghanistan

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Culture The definition of a culture has changed drastically over the history of people trying to define it. The common theme that resides in most definitions is the notion that a group of people whose knowledge and behaviors are learned and passed down from generation to generation. The question is what determines the development of these behaviors and beliefs of a particular culture. This is a question that has no clear cut answer, despite the extensive research that has been conducted in this field of study. (Defining Culture) When examining a little closer one must realize that the views of that culture are constantly changing and evolving because the people are consistently growing and adapting into something…show more content…
Although the climate is mostly dry, the winters are fairly cold with light precipitation, and the summers are extremely hot. The rainy season usually starts in late winter and ends in early spring, but in some high altitude regions the snow remains on the mountain peaks year round. (Magnus, R) Afghanistan is a very mineral rich nation, which include gold, coal deposits, silver, lapis, natural gases, salt, iron ore uranium, zinc, chrome, sulfur, oils and rubies. Minerals are not the only resource of the country; they cultivate many food products as well. “Major sources of cash income are cotton, sugar beets, sugar cane, wool, and par excellence karakul skins” (Wilber Pg. 224). Now transitioning from the countries resources there are some surprising aspects of Afghanistan that are not widely known. Although it’s considered a third world country, they have transportation and communication systems similar to the United States, just not on the same scale. Some examples of countries the communications systems are internet, television, mobile phones, and radio. Transportations involve airports, highways waterways, railroads harbors and ports. There is a lot to this small county than meets the eye. Now let’s move on to the contrasts between the United States and Afghanistan. (Magnus R.) Characteristics of Afghanistan Culture The people of
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