A Broundaryless Organization Are Organizations That Are

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A broundaryless organization are organizations that are not defined or limited by horizontal, vertical, or external boundaries imposed by a predetermined structure (Griffin). Boundaryless organizations also have a strong emphasis on teams. Officer Jack Welch the Chief Executive of General Electronics’ came up with the term of a boundaryless organization. This report would help Gerd Finger company Newskool Grooves understand how to make the company competitive and successful as a boundaryless organization in the technology sector. Welch states that when an organization eliminates traditional barriers between departments as well as barriers between the organization and the external environment can be referred to as a boundaryless…show more content…
The freedom to telecommute with international employees remove geographical barriers to productivity and allows for schedule flexibility. To meet needs and function efficiently in an ill-defined hierarchy, these companies can change quickly by organizing expert employees in groups and giving them the decision-making authority. When employees manage, and coordinate their own projects, it fosters a sense of pride in the ability to change and meet the demands of the situation fostering a strong work ethic.
Cultural Issues within a Boundaryless Organization
In order for Newsool Grooves to become an effective bourdaryless organization, they also have to consider some of the cultural issues that will affect a company operation system. These issues can consist of what happens in different parts of the world and whose employees may not be representative of the national cultures of each country. Several organizations have employees with different cultures that collaborate their work skills to achieve the organizational goals. Employees are also very diverse in values, personality, and work preference which are deep-level diversity (Hirschhorn & Gilmore, 1994). Some cultural issues are sensitive and will create unpleasant things among employees in the workplace. Bettering the surface-level diversity, is a good research in understanding various biological characteristics like gender, race, ethnicity, age and disability. All

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