A Brush with AIDS and Halsey: Case Study

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The ¡§Brush with AIDS¡¨ case discusses the situation involving Halsey¡¦s sharps containers. AIDS and HIV diseases are deadly and contagious. Hospitals want to protect their staff and employees from the spread of diseases. They use sharps containers from Halsey to prevent the spread of disease. There is a problem with the Halsey line of products. The protagonist (Amy) in this case has to face an ethical dilemma which forces her to choose between her moral duty to protect the customers¡¦ needs from the spreading of the deadly AIDS disease or her obligation to her company¡¦s profit performance.

Halsey is a leading health care company that provides the best products and services to customers all around the world. Amy is a senior market
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However, Phil did not listen to Amy; he only focused on how the product failure would effect his profit performing. Amy wanted to go directly to senior management and discuss the serious problem of Halsey¡¦s line of products. However, she was afraid that talking to the senior management would harm her working relationship with Phil.

Amy has to choose between two alternatives. Once is to recall for the improvement of the products. Another option is to do nothing. Amy¡¦s first reaction is doing nothing. She could rationalize that none of her competitors were improving their products. Halsey¡¦s line of product met the CDC and OSHA guidelines. She could engage in damage control by providing excuses to the sales force and to the consumers. She also could pretend nothing happened by finishing the year with a profit plan, get her promotion and leave the mess behind. Amy could maintain the working relationship with Phil. She can use the Rights Approach to argue for her action. The right approach is focused on the individual¡¦s right to choose, her company will gain the profit but only for a short term.

The other option is to go straight to senior management and discuss the problems and product improvement. Amy might lose her promotion and ruin the working relationship with Phil. In this option, Amy can use the Utilitarian Approach and the Common Goods Approach. Utilitarian approach is that ethical actions are
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