Essay about A Bugs Life Related to Marxism

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A BUGS LIFE Marxism is the theory of Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, it’s based on the economical and social system. Marxism emphasizes on the importance of class struggle in society. They thought that economic processes and class struggles laid the groundwork for every important era and movement in history, and would lead to the downfall of the upper class and the rise of an egalitarian communist society. Under capitalism, the working class or “the people,” own only their capacity to work; they have the ability only to sell their own labor. According to Marx a class is defined by the relations of its members to the means of production. The worker is alienated because he has no control over the labor or product which he produces. The…show more content…
Another example of Marxism in the movie is when the circus insects are working for their owner and he doesn’t pay them enough for what they are producing, which is their circus act. The bugs have no control over the amount of money the boss is selling it for but they are aware that its not fair. In this situation the circus bugs are the communist and their owner is the capitalist. This is an example of Marxism because the owner of the bugs pay them less then what they are work. They do a lot of hard labor putting on acts every night and traveling place to place but they can not control the money distribution until they leave. Once they have left their owner is frantic about their absence and wants them back. This is also Marxism because in Marxism they said that the common working people make up the society, with out the working people we wouldn’t have most of the things we have. True in real life and the movie because once the act left the owner wasn’t anything and he agreed to pay them right if they accept him back as their owner. This movie mad a lot of money. You can look at it from two different view points a child’s view point of it being funny and a nice entertainment or looking at it from a working view point and you seeing it as being apart of
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