A Business Analysis of Zane Telecom, Saudi Arabia

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Zane Telecom- Saudi Arabia Abstract The telecommunication industry has been the one with the highest growth rates globally. Companies tend to maintain an effective corporate culture which helps them in driving their financial performance. One example of such a company is the Zain Telecommunication. The company has been able to maintain an effective and adaptable corporate culture by keeping its employees happy and pursuing a participative leadership style which has driven its financial performance substantially. The Zain Telecommunication has mainly benefited from its continuous product development and innovation along with the famous "One-Network Offer" that has allowed the company to expand on a regional scale and across cultural and regional boundaries with serving customers from different cultural backgrounds which it does successfully due to its cultural feature of adaptability. The company's financial and liquidity ratios prove that how well versed it has been with its culture as its ratios show an outstanding performance only due to the fact that it maintains an effective corporate culture. Introduction The technology sector has been spreading its global footprint very rapidly after the year 2000. The major sector in the technology arena which has been contributed potentially to the growth and transfer of technology is the telecom sector. Taking the telecom sector as a key player in the growth of technology and broadband, the impact has been immense not only

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