A Business Continuity Plan For Sunshine Machine Works

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Week 6 You Decide Transcript – Sunshine Machine Works In this day and age, a business continuity plan is essential to an organizations risk management. A large organization like Sunshine Machine Works understand that time is critical when it comes to natural disasters or man made interruptions to their network systems. When a system is offline for excessive amounts of time, could mean a loss to the organization. That’s why having an effective business continuity plan is vital to keeping operations for being disturbed during a time of crisis whether it is an attack or natural disaster that could potentially affect Sunshine Machine Works operations, data and networks. The business continuity plan for Sunshine Machine works must be designed…show more content…
When taking a look deep into an organization’s different departmental operation, it becomes clear how to plan to protect the most data and also which areas is more operation critical. While preventing interruption is the most important aspect of this plan, no one can predict the weather or any other attack. As part of the steps to implement the business continuity plan, Sunshine Machine Works will need to document a risk management plan, business impact analysis, incident response plan, plan activation, incident response team, communications, contact list and recovery plan section. Once all has been documented, the organization will need to test, evaluate and update schedule. Risk Management Plan The risk management plan defines what activities within the organization are critical to operations. During this stage of planning, Wilma Stone, Margie Nelson, Gary Thomas and other Sunshine Machine Works Management personnel will need to determine how much of a risk the organization is exposed to and create a plan to minimize the amount of damage the exposure could have. Other stages of the risk management planning process will include the likeliness of the risk happening, what the consequences will be, and which risk are considered priority. Determining the level of risk should be broken down into 4 categories: low, medium, high or very high. A consequences scale should also be created. Different levels of risk bring on different level of consequences.
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