A Business Development Manager For A Digital Marketing Company

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The first interviewee is a 59 year old-man who is currently working as a business development manager for a digital marketing company. The man has been with the one year-old company since its inception, which employs just six people including him. The company is known for providing services such as website development and support, search engine optimization, and database configuration. The six employees work in a moderately sized office which could be compared to the size of a large apartment. Every employee works in one large common area, but the interviewee has his own office for cold-calling as well as his own space in the common space. However, the interviewee is usually working remotely from home or working outside the office.…show more content…
The employees act as a team and operate relatively freely with guidance and supervision from the owner as needed. The only disadvantage of the current team system is a general lack of professional experience among some of the employees which constitutes the need to learn on the fly at times. Despite these shortcomings, the interviewee stated he wouldn’t change anything. Communication is very open and casual and no formal professional walls exist. Privacy is possible despite the open office space, but it is not usually necessary. Under the current system, employees hold project meetings throughout the week as needed to discuss customer and business strategy, and two-hour operations meetings take place every Friday to keep tabs on customers and business updates. He notes that the owner values employee opinion as well. Annual performance reviews are conducted by the owner to identify areas to improve upon and to gain feedback from the employee about the best way to tackle their own obstacles. It is not uncommon for manager and employee ideas to be implemented here. Employees motivate each other by celebrating successes, maintaining a friendly but competitive attitude, and by complimenting each other’s work when appropriate. Seeing as the company has only been in existence for a year, not much has changed. It is very modern. They have however filled two important employee positions, making the
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