A Business Journal On Ethics

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As society progresses in the advancement of technology, science, self-efficiency, the dichotomy of church and state increases in its separation. However, these advancements do not delete the moral dilemma man faces daily. Man no longer looks towards a higher power as a source of reason, truth, and morality, but rather looks to him/herself, basing their decisions on fallible human reasoning. Modernism, as the dominant worldview, is now the source of explanation, relying on human reasoning as the reference point in all areas of life, including vocation and business practices. Modernism is a reflection of man’s search of meaning and purpose. The modernism worldview carries over into various areas of disciplines. Today, a business manager, with a modernist worldview, may dictate the way s/he runs a business and resolves ethical dilemmas in the marketplace. Our worldview encompasses reality, knowledge, and morality, and forms the parameter in which man bases understanding. In a business journal on ethics “According to modernism, reality, knowledge, and morality are founded in science, human reasoning, and objective evidence” (Kim et al. 116). Modernist base their epistemology on a cause and effect relationship, either from experimentation or history, modernist look to see if an action produces good results and, if so, therefore it is good. The nature of external reality, metaphysics, to a modernist is nothing but what one can see with their eyes, as “modernism holds that
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