A Business Model For A Big Corporation

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Indeed, the sharing economy known as collaborative consumption. It is a trending concept that highlights the skills for individuals to rent or borrow the goods as compared to purchase them. Without a doubt we can say that 2013 is a sharing economy year. (Forbes, 2013) The concept of the sharing economy is following below:
Accommodation sharing: Airbnb has not only opened the doors for the alternative way in the perspective of travel, but it has forced cities to follow-up their housing codes and questions about housing requirement and desires. (Lee, 2013)
Bike sharing: This concept defines that passing the bike to another person has maybe done more to transform the city.
Car sharing: This industry begins with small business and no time became an attractive business model for a big corporation. Chart 1 shown that the car sharing economy of scale. It indicates the car share vehicles provided and parking spaces needed through chart 1 which meets the 20 care share vehicles and 800 parking spaces that level showed as car share economy of scale. (Chart 1)
Meal sharing: This is very important concept of the sharing economy. Munchery and the favorite of San Francisco share by supporting, working and customer to connect with the city’s chefs. They tried to provide quality meals at home. (Campbell, 2003)
Educational resource sharing: This concept of sharing cut the headaches and made it easy for teachers to promote their classes, especially those are teaching as freelancers. The
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