A Business Owner Should Not Be Able to Hire or Fire Anyone Without Interference from the Government

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A Business Owner Should Not be Able To Hire Or Fire Anyone Without Interference From The Government
Byron E. Hercules
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Abstract
The recent economic downturn has forced many industries to change the way in which they do business in order to survive. Managers must find ways in which in to motivate their employees to overcome their employees natural resistance to change. Mangers must find ways to communicate a clear intent to diminish unknowns. Once clear goals have been created lay out individual goals to follow and Inspect their progress. Additionally, management must make sure that everyone is part of the plan and honor employee’s success in order to create a smoother transition with minimal
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Change is particularly difficult if it is unexpected. It is far easier to accept change if an employee has time to digest the news and prepare to take action once the change has occur. Some of the concerns that worry employees may be address by creating clear goals and timelines that employee can easily follow. As well as addressing the chief objective “why are we changing?” Once these questions have been answer and employees buy in to them change will be easier and resistance will diminish (Strebel, 1996).
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Most manager work under the expectation that their employees should be willing subjects that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. However, employees determine the amount of commitment by asking themselves several questions such as: How hard will I really have to work? What are the rewards involved in this venture? Are the awards worth the effort? Individual formulate the answer to this question by the type of relationship that they have with their boss. In other words,the individual commitment is closely related to their belief that their direct supervisor will recognize them for their efforts (Strebel, 1996)
Change By Definition Is a Departure From The Past
Many employees believe that change will diminish their powers. Managers in particular feel this the most, (Rue, 2014) For instance there may a new computer system

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