A Business Perspective Of Management Discipline

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1. From a business perspective why is management discipline important? Compare and contrast the management discipline to medicine and law (how are these similar and how are they different - be specific in your explanations and provide examples to support your response).

From a business perspective management discipline is as important as the next key factor to company success because it, “...drives the field forward” (Magretta, 9). Having discipline can help to set measurable goals, stay on track, avoid distractions and complications and eventually achieve success and business growth do to long term effectiveness and efficiency within the organizations. In order for an organization to continually stay well organized, and strategically
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This can affect many people, but typically the decision is the right one for the company and its people. Medical people and people working in law have much less time and resources to make decisions. This can ultimately affect decision makers. But thankfully, managers, medical personnel, and law enforcement officers are all trained, regardless of time, or resources on how to effectively and successfully make tough decisions for the betterment of situations, people, and other factors related to the respective fields.

2. What is the goal of the Magretta book, What Management Is? Support your response with specific page numbers from your readings in APA style.

Most books can be broken down into one or several main goals. This book, What Management is? Is no different. The foremost goal of this book is "to present a coherent view of the whole, of the work known as general management" (Magretta, 9). Furthermore, the goal includes the attempt to deliver a concise synthesis of important ideas and practices. For instance, value creation, business models, competitive strategies, performance metrics and more” (Magretta, 9). In simple terms this book aims to directly allow readers to easily and purposefully understand the main theory of management and why it is important to not just employees and business, but to the entire globe.What Management is? Looks at the world of management as more of real world approach, rather than just plain old
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