A Business Pl Summertime Sno Cones

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Following is an analysis of a hypothetical business I would find pleasure enacting. When choosing to run a business, both strategy and passion need to be present. One of my future business plans is Summertime Sno-Cones. A privately owned and operated, seasonal business that produces snow cones at a reasonable price, in a family friendly environment. I believe an energetic and inviting snow cone stand could bring happiness to people in my community, and could also be a lucrative business venture.
My family currently has a snow cone business in a prime location in Hugo, Oklahoma. Upon their retirement, they plan to pass it down to me. The building will need many, future renovations, in order to enact my plan and make the environment more accommodating and friendly for a larger, more diverse audience. A couple of essential changes that would need to be implemented before I opened, would be a small expansion of the building to include more storage space, as well as renovation and cleaning of the lot on which the business located. By graduation, I hope to have the savings needed to buy the necessary supplies to make the aforementioned renovations. Snow cones have played an important role in my raising and I have bonded and grown with my family over this sweet cold treat. Currently, at the beginning of fall, my family’s snow cone stand is selling an average of 100 snow cones per day. My total fixed costs for a month of operation amount to $410. These costs consist of the…
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