A Business Plan For The Long Run With Csr Strategies

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Introduction Imagine a group of recent graduates from a highly respected and internationally recognized business school who developed a business plan together during their studies and are now planning to establish a business. They are all highly capable and all received top marks in their courses. Will they succeed in their new venture? Or like so many opening small businesses, will they fail within the first year? This hypothetical situation illustrates, that while it’s a generally accepted fact that most small businesses fail, people still gather capital, human and otherwise, to form small businesses in the ever challenging search for success. Now it is not only important to have a profitable venture in mind, but one that can last beyond the first couple of years without heavily depleting resources. This has led to the focus of creating a sustainable business as much as a profitable one. However, can a business succeed in the long run with CSR strategies derived from the need to be sustainable? In this effort to create a sustainable and profitable organization, it is possible that corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies are developed and employed by the organization without CSR itself being the original motivator. In other words, sustainability can be the main motivator for organizations to establish CSR strategies. In doing this, it is possible that they are actually participating in corporate social irresponsibility (CSI). This paper will look at whether an
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