A Business Plan for and Adventure Recreation Company

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Adventure IS our Name! A Business Plan For Unlimited Adventure Expeditions Table of Contents 1.0 UAE 1.1Objectives 1.2 Mission 2.0 Company Summary 2.1 Company Ownership 2.2 Start-up Summary 2.3 Services and Products 4.0 Market Analysis Summary 4.1 Market Segmentation 4.2Market Segmentation 4.3…show more content…
UAE has chosen these three activities to allow the company to not be restricted by seasonal constraints, we will offer trips occurring throughout the year. While UAE's office is located in Eugene, it will be leading trips throughout the United States, and the world. UAE expects the first several months will be used to plan trips and train trip leaders. By the end of year one the trips should be in full swing and AEU will be building a solid customer base. 2.1 Company Ownership Unlimited Adventure Excursions will be a privately held Oregon Corporation. James Michael “Mike” Hurley, James Michael “Jim” Kemp, and Loren Smith will all hold equal number shares of UAE stock. 2.2 Start-up Summary Unlimited Adventure Excursions' start-up costs include all the equipment needed for an office, as well as the equipment needed for the mountain bike trips and white-water adventures. Other costs will be marketing fees, website development, insurance and a deposit for the office lease. The office equipment will consist of four computer systems, DSL router, printer, CD-RW, CPU to be used as an internal server, phones, copier, fax machine and installation of DSL and two phone lines. The equipment needed for the mountain bike trip will be a fleet of 15 bicycles, a self contained kitchen, shower and toilet system, and bicycle tools. The equipment for the white-water adventures will include inflatable rafts (and other
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