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DHL was established in 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. The three partners were delivering shipping services, transporting documents by air only between Francisco, California, Hollywood and Hawaii so the goods can pass though customers with less delay noting that it was the only shipping company in the middle East. In 1982, Fadi Ghandour established Aramex in Amman, Jordan. Ghandour was born in 1959 to a Lebanese Muslim family. His father is Ali Ghandour, who was the chairman of the Jordian national airline. Fadi was graduated from George Washington University with a BA in political science. After graduating from college, Fadi was aiming to go through a business project in the Middle East. He felt that the Middle East needed someone to fill a niche in the international courier delivery business. Therefore, he met with William Kingson, Aramex has been founded which has developed to be nowadays a giant. Aramex started operations in Amman as a global provider of logistics and transportation solutions. As hierarchical division of Aramex, the chief sustainability and compliance officer of Aramex was Raji Hattar. As for Reem Khoury, she was the manager of CEO operations. The former chief operating officer was handled by Osama Fattakeh.
Hereunder is how Aramex has developed briefly through the years:
In 1982 Aramex was established in Amman, Jordan
In 1987 Aramex was used by FedEx, Airborne Express and other large companies in the US. In this year, the

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