A Business Proposal For San Diego Essay

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The business proposal aims at addressing the parking problem in the University. The aim of the proposal is provide a good transportation alternative to the students and members of staff of the university. The Bicycle initiative is a business proposal aimed at not only providing employment opportunities, but meeting the demands of the target market.

Business proposal for San Diego Unicycle
The business proposal aims at addressing certain basic demands within the transportation sector. The business also aims at addressing the parking menace problem in the University Of San Diego California (Paulsen & Smart, 2013). The business also aims at providing high quality service to the members of the University through a well-coordinated partnership.
The University of San Diego is located in San Diego California, a place known as La Jolla in the United States. The university is found 866 ha near the Pacific Ocean Coast. The main campus has approximately 466 ha of land. The university is one of the oldest universities in California (Paulsen & Smart, 2013). The university offers over 200 graduate and undergraduate programs. The university enrolls approximately 6,300 graduate and 22,700 undergraduate students every year. The University of San Diego California is recognized as one of the top research universities in United States. The University was ranked 8th during the 2015 rankings by World Report and US news (Matter, 2015).
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