A Business Research Proposal on International Recruitment and Selection

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Executive Summary When business organizations go international, they have to face a number of challenges in their business and functional level strategies. The recruitment and selection of employees for new business projects is one of the leading challenges in the international human resource management. The major issues which international recruitment and selection brings for an organization include; selection of countries for hiring individuals at different organizational levels; deciding salaries and components of compensation packages for host country nationals, parent country nationals, and target country nationals; managing cultural diversity at the workplace; eliminating gender discrimination and sexual harassment for female employees and decreasing their high rate of absenteeism and turnover; arranging training and development programs for new employee; and encountering competitive and industry pressures in international recruitment and selection. This paper presents a business research proposal on international recruitment and selection. It starts by identifying the research question and highlighting the core objectives of this research study. The main body of the paper discusses the research question in the light of the most relevant literature on international recruitment and selection. The major focus of the paper is towards identifying and explaining the different factors which make the international recruitment and selection process a challenging task for
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