A Business Study of Apple Inc

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Case Study: Apple, Inc. Introduction The case study will follows examines Apple Inc., which launched its iPad on 4 April 2010. Apple was founded in 1976 by two college dropouts, specifically, Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The two built a computer circuit board working in Job's family garage located in Los Altos, California. (Yoffie and Kim, 2010, paraphrased) After several months time they produced 200 units and took on a new partner, A.C. 'Mike' Markkula, Jr., who played a primary role in the attraction of venture capital since he was the one with the experience in business. I. Apple's Progression in the Industry Apple is reported to have quickly become the leader in the computer industry as it sold in excess of 100,000 Apple IIs by the end of the 1980s decade. The IBM PC using the Microsoft DOS operating system (OS) and microprocessor (CPU) gained the market share and are reported as having "emerged as the new standard for the industry." (Yoffie and Kim, 2010) The Macintosh was produced by Apple in 1984 with a reported "ease of use, industrial design and technical elegance" it is reported however, that due to the slow processor of the MAC and the lack of compatible software resulted in low sales with the net income of Apple falling by 62 between 1981 and 1984 which sent the company reeling. II. Changes for Apple The iPad is a "multimedia computer tablet" and reported as the third of all major innovations released by Apple and it was expected that Apple's iPad would

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