A Business 's Only Responsibility

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Appendix 1

B. Argumentation and Academic Essay Writing (CSR Essay) appendix:

A business’s only responsibility is to produce profit. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Businesses should take social responsibility in addition to producing profits. Corporate social responsibility refers to a business practices that involves participating and make benefits to society. CSR is a way of companies benefiting themselves so; business should also take social responsibility instead of only taking profit. This is because taking on social responsibility benefits both the society and the companies themselves. CSR refers to a business practice that contributes to the economic development while improving the quality of life of not only the individuals in the workforce but also members of the society. (Şahin and Bayramoğlu, 2015)
Profits and social responsibility are correlated to each other. This statement engages all stakeholders’, not just shareholders such as employees and customers. Employees demand their company to be socially responsible as they prefer working in companies with a good reputation. This allows the companies to recruit employees easily in the future as well. When employees are going to apply for a job, they considers about it and will works delightful so as staying in the company for longer time that can reduce costs such as enlisting and retraining.
Besides employees, customers expect better business practices too. People like and will support the…
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