A Call For Gun Control

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A Call for Gun Control America 's love for guns can be traced back to when we were a young country trying to settle the frontier. Guns played a vital role in the daily life of isolated pioneers, whose survival was often dependent on one 's ability to protect oneself, hunt for food, and on occasion used for sport. Guns were a necessary evil. Yet when towns became established and the amenities of a citified society emerged, people continued to keep and use their weapons. Today the issue of whether our government needs to regulate the ownership of guns is widely debated. Any effort to limit gun ownership is often viewed as an infringement of individual rights. It is an emotionally charged topic and both sides take a strong position. Yet, the issue warrants a discussion because of the high mortality and injury rate caused by these weapons. It addresses a fundamental Constitutional right, and the right to protect oneself from harm. This essay addresses the need for sensible gun control legislation that defends the Second Amendment and the right of a citizen to protect himself, while instituting some laws that will safeguard society. Most adults are familiar with the National Rifle Association (NRA). This Association takes the position that gun control is a threat to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution (Wolpert 255). Its concern is valid since that law defends the right of a person to keep and bear arms. If the government, especially a renegade government,…

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