A Call For Justice And Unity

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A Call for Justice and Unity
For many heroes like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglas that fought against racism and inequality in the United States, Malcolm X, a prominent and a real Muslim minister, also during his life has influenced, urged and advocated for the black patriotism and right and freedom for the American black people. He achieved this through a message he passed at a meeting that was being sponsored by the active labor forum in New York. In his speech, he addressed several concerns and issues such as integration, black Americans reunite to prevent white oppressors, black Americans having control over the American soil, and as well as solving economic issues. Malcolm X speech, until today, has impacted and influenced many black communities. On the other hand, many others heavily condemned him as a racist individual due to some negative connotations he used during his speech. Throughout Malcolm x speech, he was convincing, made good use of rhetoric techniques and Pathos to get the attention of his audience. He had the skills and the ability to arouse the emotions of his audience, therefore, in his speech, it seemed to most of his audience and supporters were enraptured by his story.
It was so obvious that Malcolm x was a man of integrity and a true nationalist. Everything he did was based on nationalism. In his speech, he addresses the issue of Black Americans by not taking control over their land, politics and economy. He believes that…

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