Essay on A Call for Change: Abolishing the Death Penalty

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Throughout history, Americans have pursued what was needed or wanted; determination is the American way. If fledgling colonies needed more food to support families, a farmer cultivated more crops; if communities wanted more supplies, companies mass produced until desires were met. Nonetheless, if a new idea turned out to be corrupt, then the thought was discontinued and effaced from memory. In today’s twenty first century society, an idea from the past has become crooked and is no longer needed. A fashion of punishment might have benefited society in past generations, but the human race is always advancing and improving; therefore, a change must occur to keep enhancing humanity. One change must be capital punishment. The United States’…show more content…
The length of time a person goes through court can take decades, and part of a citizen’s tax dollars goes to the cost of a person going through the court system. Statistics have shown states with capital punishment pay almost triple the amount in court costs versus the amount states would have to pay to keep a person in jail for life (“Financial Facts”). States without capital punishment benefit in many ways. Regular murder cases are found less expensive than death penalty cases, and research has shown states with capital punishment have a higher murder rate than states without capital punishment (“Crime in United States”). Civilians have questioned if capital punishment should be legalized. Currently, in 2011, people question if the government should have authority over life or death of human beings. Arthur Koestler believed the gallows was a symbol of death and mankind must reject it to keep surviving ( Horwitz 187). America should once again discard “the gallows” (Horwitz 187), discard the practices of the past, and discard capital punishment. Research has shown states who have abolished capital punishment find their murder rates lower than those of states with capital punishment. For example, last year 558 citizens were murdered in the state of Georgia (pro death penalty) and only 210 were murdered in the state of Massachusetts (anti death penalty) (“Crime in United States”). Politics say they
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