A Call for Progress : Case Study

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Case Study: A Call for Progress Synopsis: "A Call for Progress" describes the need and importance of telecommunication in today's world. It helps many people in exploring different opportunities. Unfortunately, this industry is in the hands of state-run monopolies who are inefficient in this sector with a staff which is poorly motivated. However, the introduction of cell phone has enabled the consumers to avoid the bane of landline service. As there has been an increase in the means to communicate, the economic growth has boosted due to a number of reasons such as lowering prices, reducing waste etc. The case provides a couple of examples of the Indian farmers and fisherman about how cell phone has changed their way of pricing and…show more content…
The price policy, however, could be standardized in a developed country because people are willing to pay for the product or the service providers in order to get the service they want. Place is another marketing mix tool that can also be referred to as distribution of the product or service. the distribution of the cell phones depends upon where the consumers are. The cell phone companies are likely to distribute the hi-tech phones with wifi and 3G connection in the developed countries because these countries have the capacity of offering these services to the consumers and the consumers also have the know-how of how to use these products in a more efficient way. Same goes with the services where the consumers have the access of such services because they have the education and are well trained for such services. The promotion policy in the developed countries differs than the developing countries by a large scale. There are many advertisements for different cell phones and service providers everywhere but the consumers in the developed countries tend to find out information for themselves. These consumers have the sufficient amount of information through the internet where they find out about the quality and the different characteristics for themselves. The point of promoting the product is not so that the customers know about the product, but to convince the consumers that there product is the positive thing. Identify the roles of
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