A Call for the Continued Prohibition of Marijuana and Other Drugs

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In the realm of public safety, engaging in said activity significantly impairs cognitive activity, affecting one’s ability to utilize proper judgment and operate machinery, among other things. Thus, operating machinery while under the influence of alcohol puts not only the operator, but also others in the vicinity of the operator, in danger of being harmed. This is a universally recognized and accepted reality.
In the realm of personal safety, long-term alcohol abuse severely compromises major organs and bodily function, chiefly among them the lungs and fluid operability of the blood vessels. Thus, excessive alcoholic intake can lead to eventual chronic and debilitating health problems, such as liver cancer and diabetes. This is also a universally recognized and accepted reality. It is because of the widespread acceptance of these relative hazards that alcohol, although legal, has been seemingly sequestered by American society into a niche category of vices that are appropriate when consumed responsibly, but dangerous and overtly negative when consumed otherwise. Why then, has marijuana seemed to sidestep this particular form of judgment and swung itself onto the complete opposite end of the pendulum; the end that says it is completely harmless to consume?
Whether one points to popular culture, the efforts…
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