A Campaign Against Kfc

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1) I personally do not support KFC Corporation or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in this controversy. This is because I myself am not a fan of meat and do not like the taste personally, but I also do not think it is all right by any means with what they do to the animals. I believe that they are completely abusing these animals so carelessly and it is extreme animal cruelty. I feel like a majority of other people would say it is perfectly fine though. This is because many people do like meat and businesses are going to continue on harming the animals and receiving their meat and selling it to make profit. People will always continue to buy it because places are providing it for them and they like the taste and look past with…show more content…
PETA is also trying their best to make a big deal out of this and draw as much attention as possible for the animal’s own rights and simply to raise awareness on the ongoing problem. I think PETA is representing a truth with the business and they do have the right to make attacks to get them to make the change.

6) I absolutely 100% believe that animals have rights because they are alive just like us human beings are. Animals definitely have emotions and feelings just like we do and can also speak out lout but we necessarily cannot always figure out what they are trying to portray. I believe since we are human beings, we should be the ones to make sure animals are safe and can live without being harmed in the wild or as pets, in other words that can be looked at as our duty.

From the reading of the case and how PETA portrayed KFC being cruel and not handling their chickens respectfully, I do not think that they protect animal welfare at an acceptable level. They can definitely make they changes that PETA stated about the business. Either way, many people are going to have different perspectives about this and may think that what KFC is doing is completely fine because they are making

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