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Running head: A CAPSTONE OF APPLE, INC. A Capstone of Apple, Inc. BUS 599 Assignment 5 June 10, 2012 A Capstone of Apple, Inc. Analyze the company’s mission and vision statements against the performance of the organization. Then, evaluate how well the company lives out its mission and vision statement. Provide support from the organization’s performance in your evaluation. Apple Inc's mission statement is as follows - Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through innovative hardware, software and internet offerings' Ebben (2005) provides that a mission statement indicates a company's business strategy and that it is…show more content…
The company's strategic goals include increase in revenue and this goes hand in hand with increase in market share. One of the strategies employed by the company to achieve higher market share is offering complete solutions whereby the organizations offers products that are complementary to each other (CRM Editors, 2009). The company has different types of customers thus offering complementary products ensured best products are offered to different customers. Analyze the company’s financial performance to determine the link between the company’s strategic goals, strategy, and its financial performance. Detail your findings. Apple Inc had sales amounting to $ 65,225 in 2010 compared to $ 108,249 in 2011 which is a 66% increase (U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, 2011). This indicates the company performed exceedingly well in terms of revenue generation. MSN (2011) provides that Apple has a five year annual growth rate of 41.16% compared to industry's growth rate of 38.38%. This indicates that the company has high performance compared to other players in the industry and that the company is achieving its strategic goal of increasing organizational revenue. The results indicate that strategies employed are effective in generating revenue and in improving performance. Some of the strategies employed by the company include differentiation through branding. CRM Editors (2009) provide that Apple is one of the most recognized brands and that it has a
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