A Car In A Car

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Have you ever been in a car, whether it was with family or friends or even by yourself, and it starts to overheat and smoke like a wildfire? Well, I had the misfortune of this happening to me not so long ago. It was not one of my favorite moments. First of all, a few of my friends and I wanted to get some food at Steak n Shake. On our way there, we decided to drive two cars. My friend Lindsy drove her car with two other girls in it and Lex drove her car with the other two girls. There was six of us total. Upon arriving to Steak n Shake, we realized that friday night football games had just ended, so all the big tables were packed, and there would be no room for the six of us. Still hungry, we decided to just go to another Steak n Shake in Fenton. This is where things started to go wrong. After we left the first Steak n Shake, we started driving to the one in Fenton and my friend Lex was trying to beat us there. As she was going fast, we were about to hit a red light so she slowed down. Once she started to slow down the light turned green so she sped up again. Her car being older, it couldn't take all of that. Lindsy and I started noticing her car smoking and sped up to tell her so. Once we got her attention to tell her we pulled over. Then, a few minutes of them figuring out to even try to get the hood open, a grey car pulls over and an older couple get out. Us being younger teenage girls by the side of the road, we got a little freaked out. All they asked was if we were

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