A Cardiologist At The Southeastern Pennsylvania University

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A cardiologist at the Southeastern Pennsylvania University Hospital by the name of Alan Kendricks had recently been promoted as medical director. Within this new promotion, he brought with him great change. The medical director before Alan had a laissez-faire approach, while Alan had a more interactive approach to leading. Although Alan came with great credentials, the medical staff Alan was now in charge of was timid of this new change. A few employees who were not too keen on the new changes, abandoned ship once they heard of the change in leadership and the changes that were about to come. Alan brought many changes to the table, with those many changes, came great trials. Employees were not receptive to their new leader and his…show more content…
Of the many changes Alan was making within the organization, it seemed there were many employees who were resistant to those changes. These employees were not accustomed to the type of structure Alan was wanting to put in place. Alan, immediately noticing the direct resistance, would sit back and ponder the ways he could become more influential. Alan had identified the fact that he needed to improve employee moral overall. There were doctors who had self-entitlement issues and those who felt seniority or patient volumes were enough to get whatever they pleased. Doctors were also not excited with the implementation of the new electronic medical records system. However, nurses were content with the idea that this new implementation now allowed them to focus on other important matters such as better patient care (Groysberg, Kaftan & McCalla, 2007). Opportunities/Suggestions/Tactics “If we understand change better, we will be able to influence (but not control) it for the better” (Fullan, 2014). When change in a culture is in effect, the organizational culture tends to be unsettled. This may seem like an inopportune time for our staff to be unsettled, but this is the best opportunity to identify and create breakthroughs (Fullan, 2014). When analyzing the structure for a change initiative, strategic planning must first take place. What problems are foreseen or obvious? Are there

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