A Career And Career Goals For A Career In The Music Industry

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Even though my current job is in the field of customer service and not broadcasting or music production, it still involves communication. I currently utilize this skill at ACE when I interact with customers and will do the same at an audio production position when I give advice to vocalists and musicians. In the future, I can communicate effectively when I discuss my career plans with counselors at school as well as conduct informational interviews with those who work in the recording arts industry. I intend to achieve my career goals by using these strategies as well. In one to two years, I see myself working in the music and broadcasting industries as a freelancer, intern, or full-time employee. In five to ten years, I imagine myself employed at a recording studio in my hometown or San Francisco or Los Angeles, which in my opinion is the entertainment capital of the world. Hopefully, by this time, I will have completed my Bachelor’s degree and already gained experience in my desired career industries as well as conducted countless informational interviews. Additionally, my SoundCloud portfolio will contain over a few hundred instrumentals that I produced. I want to take all the necessary steps towards becoming a top-notch music producer. There are several varying positions in the music industry that can seek besides a music producer. According to, which lists both careers in the industry, the list of jobs includes, but is not limited to, audio engineers,
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