A Career And Professional Development

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The guide serves primarily as a professional development tool for all members of the FPS work-force. It does not prescribe the path of education requirements or positions that will guarantee success, but rather describes the full spectrum of development opportunities an employee can expect for a successful career. This guide also services as a mentoring tool for leaders at all levels and is important employee management guide for Region Directors and the Executive Leadership team.

FPS has undergone tremendous organizational change during its existence. Each iteration of change and new governing agency brings with a challenge to stabilize career development and organizational culture. FPS continues to grow and hone its capabilities, achieve its individual cul-tural identify, and provide federal facilities with a level of protection required to meet the ever growing and dynamic nature of tomorrow’s threat. As part of these efforts, the organization has created a Career and Professional Development guide for all FPS employees to help them cre-ate, track, and guide their individual career paths. With this guide, FPS employees now have:

• A formalized career progression outlined for its employees
• A clear understanding of attributes, skills, education, and training required to advance and build a successful career within the organization
• Clearly defined expectations for career progression and leading focused on improving morale
• Enterprise level continuity to bridge…
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